Top 5 Upgrades You Can Do to Increase the Value of Your Home

You don’t have to be selling in the near future in order to do home renovations or improvements to your home. Why not do them ahead of time and enjoy them and then when you eventually do sell your home you’re gonna reap the benefits of that also. Let’s go through the top five upgrades you can do to increase the value of your home.

1. Flooring.

Most buyers the first thing they say is “I’m gonna tear out all these carpets and install hardwood flooring”. Home buyers don’t want to pay the money to fix things, they’d rather just get it turn-key and actually pay you a lot more money for the home. Hardwood floors are the #1 thing especially in the living room and family room and all the areas on the main floor

The price of hardwood has never been cheaper. Probably between $5-$15 per square foot you can get a beautiful hardwood installed. There are also some alternatives like high-end laminates for a cheaper option. 

2. Interior lighting.

Replace all those basic lights in your hallways and your bedrooms with ‘flush mount’ 2 to 3 light bulb lights. They look really good and provide a lot more light than the basic light that you get with your builder. You may also want to change your basic lights to a chandelier anywhere you have a table like in the dining room or kitchen. Preferably at 3 to 5 light chandeliers. You can get beautiful pieces for 150 to 200 dollars and it just completes the room.

3. Kitchen.

Not necessarily a major renovation. You can update the cabinets, the countertop and the floor in your current home. Start with the small details, update the fixtures in the kitchen cabinets, knobs and faucets. You can get a nice backsplash.  People love high-end things and it really doesn’t cost a lot of money. 

4. Wall paint

Nothing provides a better return on investment than repainting your home.

You’ve been living in it for a while maybe you picked colors at the time that went with your decorating scheme but now we’re looking to sell or at least sell in the near future so you want to pick a color palette that’s neutral and also stylish for the day. If you’re not good with picking paint and this isn’t your expertise, you can get a consultation with your friend or family. When it comes to baseboards, stick to a high-gloss white. It keeps the dirt off and makes them look shiny and new

5. Home Stage

Home Staging is not renovating. It’s about making the house look as big as possible and as bright and neutral t as possible in order to appeal to the most number of buyers.

Think about it this way you’re going to highlight the positives of your home while de-emphasizing the negatives of your home. A trained home stager or a designer can go through your home and they just have that eye in order to make everything work the way it is. You can throw on accessories and things like furniture. On average a properly staged home is going to get about 4 to 5 percent more properly priced than an non-stage home.


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