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Investment Property Mortgages

Investing in a property can be an excellent way to secure your financial future, but the process can be daunting without the right guidance. That’s where we come in. As your trusted investment mortgage broker, we help you navigate the complex landscape of investment property financing, ensuring you get the best terms and conditions.


Aussies love putting their money into residential real estate. It’s a proven pathway for building wealth through stable rental income and long-term asset appreciation.

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What to Think About Before Applying for a Loan

Securing a loan is a big deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some folks end up borrowing more than they can realistically pay back. At OzBroker, we guide you away from such pitfalls. We offer top-notch advice tailored to your needs. Here are some of the key questions to help us identify the ideal loan type and lender for you.

  • How much can you spend on an investment property?
  • Will your income stabilise in the coming years?
  • What loan amount do you require?
  • Can you easily manage the repayments?
  • What loan term suits you best?
  • What sort of loan are you looking for?
  • Do you have collateral to offer lenders?

Investing in real estate is a proven method to expand your financial portfolio and secure your future. It’s not just about purchasing property; it’s about making strategic decisions that can lead to significant gains. We will take you through every stage of the property investment journey, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions.

Getting Started: Save Up for a Deposit

Investing in property requires planning and preparation. An essential step in this process is saving up for a deposit. As of 2023, a minimum deposit of 8% is recommended before you dive into the housing market. This section will provide you with tools and resources to determine precisely how much deposit you'll need to start investing.

Discovering the Perfect Property

Many say that success in property investment boils down to location, but it's far more nuanced than that. Finding the right home is a complex process that requires in-depth research. Here, you'll discover resources that will guide you through a step-by-step process to find the best properties, considering factors such as location, value, and growth potential.

The Home Buying Process

Buying a home is a multifaceted journey with different aspects to consider. In this section, you'll find extensive resources that cover everything from understanding the local market to negotiating and closing the deal.

Home loans explained

Home loans come with their terminology, like fixed rates, LVR, LMI, offset, or redraw. It can be overwhelming, but fear not! This guide breaks down everything you need to know, making the home loan process more accessible and less intimidating.

Applying for a Home Loan

When is the right time to apply for a home loan? How does the process work, and what happens if the loan gets declined? This part of the guide answers all these questions and more, providing comprehensive insights into the application process.

Understanding Pre-Approval in Mortgage Financing

What Does Pre-Approval Mean?

Pre-approval is a lender’s preliminary confirmation that they will approve your home loan once you locate the right property. Other names for this include conditional approval, indicative approval, or home seeker, with the terminology varying by the bank.

In essence, pre-approval signifies a bank’s commitment to lend you a specific sum, assuming you find a suitable property, and your financial situation remains stable.
Pre-approval empowers you to present robust offers with faster finance terms, facilitating an improved deal and swift acquisition of your dream home.

Remember, pre-approval from a bank or lender isn’t an assurance of loan approval. In some instances, it might not even be evaluated by the bank’s credit department or the Lenders Mortgage Insurer (LMI).

Why Pre-Approval Matters?

Pre-approval equips you with crucial insights:

  • The lending amount you qualify for.
  • Your required deposit amount.
  • Your financial landscape post-acquisition.
  • Your budget for the new home and the walk-away price you’re comfortable with.

Especially in a competitive property market, having pre-approval can be critical. Without it, first-home buyers may miss their ideal property due to a lack of organisation and strong offer.

Lack of pre-approval might also lead to financial loss. If a property auction bid is successful, a 5% deposit must be paid immediately. However, if a subsequent loan application is rejected, the deposit could be at risk.

When to Seek Pre-Approval?

Pre-approval should be secured before browsing properties. Though not foolproof, pre-approval instils confidence in property offers and helps refine your property search to what you can realistically afford.
Understanding your financial capacity and potential loan repayments eliminates the frustration of pursuing unaffordable properties or falling in love with an out-of-budget house.

Pre-approval fuels the confidence needed to interact with real estate agents and negotiate on properties within your budget.

The Pre-Approval Loan Process with OzBroker

Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Complete a mortgage broker application form.
  2. Provide financial proofs, such as loans, credit cards, savings, and income.
  3. Discuss with the mortgage broker and select from various lenders and loan options.
  4. Submit your selected application and documentation to the broker.
  5. Receive home loan pre-approval from the lender.

The procedure may vary by bank and mortgage broker. At OzBroker, our process is thorough, ensuring reliable pre-approval:

Free Initial Assessment: OzBroker quickly evaluates your financial aspirations, situation, and home loan eligibility, guiding your home-buying journey.

Collecting Financial Information: This step involves gathering details about your contact, residential status, employment, income, assets, and liabilities. Additionally, supporting documents such as payslips, bank statements, and more will be collected securely.

Credit Analysis: Our expert team conducts a systematic review. This includes checking your credit report, employment history, job, and income, and assessing your deposit. This analysis ensures your creditworthiness and loan eligibility.

OzBroker’s pre-approval guide is your essential tool for a seamless home-buying process. Know your budget, enhance your purchasing power, and secure the property you’ve always wanted with confidence.                      

Why Choose Us as Your Investment Property Mortgage Broker?

When it comes to finding the best investment property mortgage lender, many factors come into play—interest rates, approval processes, and loan flexibility, to name a few. Our vast industry experience equips us with the skills to tailor a mortgage solution that fits your unique needs as an investor.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Unlike a standard home loan, an investment property mortgage often requires a different approach. We tailor our mortgage solutions to align with your investment strategy, ensuring that your loan complements your financial goals.

In-Depth Market Analysis

As a specialised investment mortgage broker, we go beyond basic loan advice. Our in depth market analysis enables us to identify the best investment opportunities, aiding in the decision-making process.

A Broad Range of Options

We collaborate with a variety of lenders to offer you a wide array of mortgage products. This range ensures that you get the most competitive rates and terms for your investment property mortgage.

Navigating Investment Property Mortgage Rates

Investment properties are viewed as higher-risk endeavours by lenders, which often translates into higher interest rates. However, as an experienced investment property mortgage broker, we can help you find ways to make the most of your investment without being burdened by exorbitant costs.

Understanding the difference between variable and fixed-rate mortgages is crucial for investors. We guide you through these options, helping you choose the one that aligns with your risk tolerance and investment goals.

A higher loan-to-value ratio generally leads to higher interest rates. We work with you to strike a balance between your down payment and loan amount, aiming for optimal loan to-value ratios.

Time is of the essence in real estate investing. Our robust relationship with various investment property mortgage lenders enables us to expedite the approval process, getting you a step closer to property ownership.

Securing pre-approval for your investment mortgage can put you ahead of the competition. We guide you through the pre-approval process, making your investment journey smoother.

When it comes to securing an investment property mortgage, proper documentation is critical. As your dedicated investment mortgage broker, we ensure that all compliance requirements are met, leaving no room for errors or delays.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the initial loan setup. As your investment property grows in value, we continually assess your mortgage terms to ensure they remain aligned with your financial objectives.

Investment Portfolio Review

Your property isn’t just a single investment—it’s a part of your larger financial portfolio. We offer regular portfolio reviews to ensure that your investment remains profitable.
By choosing us as your investment property mortgage broker, you’re not just getting a loan; you’re gaining a strategic financial partner. We understand that every investor’s needs are unique, and we’re here to offer tailor-made mortgage solutions that help you build a successful property portfolio. Your success is our success, and we’re committed to making your investment journey as rewarding as possible. Reach out to us today and take the first step towards a more secure financial future.

Leverage Home Equity for Investment

Owning a home for a while usually means you’ve accumulated some decent equity. At OzBroker, we can guide you in figuring out the amount of equity in your home and how to utilise it to fast-track buying an investment property. Check out our brief video for more info.


Investing in property is a substantial financial decision that requires precise planning, research, and execution. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, this ultimate guide to property investment in 2023 will equip you with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices. Embrace the opportunity to grow your wealth and secure your future with a strategic property investment plan.


Absolutely, our team of home loan experts can meet with you ‘in person’ virtually through platforms such as Zoom Meeting or Google Hangouts, based on what you prefer. During these online consultations, we’ll examine your specific needs and guide you step-by-step through the property purchasing procedure.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our mortgage professionals continue to operate and are at your service. Should you require any help with securing a home loan, don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

A mortgage broker is someone who helps you find a loan to buy a house. They usually choose from a group of lenders they work with. After picking the best loan for you, the mortgage broker assists you with all the steps. They’ll help you sign the papers and take care of everything until the deal is complete.

A mortgage broker helps you get a home loan from a bank or lender by working for you. In Australia, banks and lenders each have their own rules and conditions for loans, and the broker’s role is to match you with a loan that suits your unique needs.

Mortgage Brokers assist in finding the perfect home loan for various needs, whether it’s buying your first house, investing in property, or changing your existing mortgage to one with a more favourable interest rate.

At OzBroker, we can choose from more than 40 different banks and lenders. This allows us to offer a broad selection of home loan possibilities, making sure we find one that aligns with what you want.

By working with a mortgage broker, you can explore more choices than you would by simply visiting a bank. Banks have a limited number of loans to offer, while we can connect you to over 40 banks in Australia. This way, we can find the loan and lender that’s just right for you.
Top-notch mortgage brokers can guide you with their deep understanding of credit rules, making it a breeze to get a home loan, without any fuss or stress.
We assist all sorts of borrowers, whether it’s someone buying their first house, seasoned real estate investors, or medical professionals, to locate the finest deal possible.

Our detailed knowledge about bank credit allows us to uncover ‘hidden’ policy exceptions that can get approvals even in tricky situations. These include loans without a deposit guarantee and those for unconventional employment situations.

We’ve built solid connections with the key personnel at banks, including credit teams. This puts us in a great spot to negotiate the best interest rates for you. Many times, we can get you a lower variable or fixed interest rate or even bank discounts that help cover the costs of changing your loan.

Getting your house loan with a mortgage broker has lots of benefits, and there’s nothing bad about it.

If you choose us, we’ll look at your application more closely than if you went straight to the bank, and we can find the best loan for you from more than thirty different places to borrow money.
If there’s anything tricky about your loan application, we know all the stuff needed to look at your case the right way and get you the loan that fits you best.

In Australia, mortgage brokers make money through commissions from the banks, but it doesn’t cost you anything.

Just like a bank branch manager, we help set up your loan application. The bank pays us for this help. But we only make money if your loan gets approved, so we’ll do our best to make sure it happens. Plus, we’ll give you great service.

At OzBroker, we know all about mortgages and credit. So, if you have any questions, we’ll answer them ourselves instead of sending you to someone else.

Our mission is to make your home loan application effortless. We always work towards building a strong and personal relationship with every one of our clients and will work tirelessly to find the right home loan for you. Your mortgage is a lifelong commitment, and so is our commitment to you.

  • Are you a First Time Investor who wants to build a portfolio?
  • Are you a first home buyer who is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start?
  • Are you looking to update your home and keep your existing home as an investment?
  • Are you a medical professional looking for no deposit 100% LVR financing?
  • Are you a seasoned investor looking to add to your portfolio?
  • Feeling too busy?
  • Is your property purchase being held back due to lack of time?

We help all sorts of clients from across Brisbane, so get in touch with the team today to book a free assessment.

Handling risks means knowing your needs and taking out just the right amount of money. If you borrow too much money, you might get into trouble if things change in your life or money matters. That’s why it’s smart to have a mortgage broker, like OzBroker, guide you. We’ll figure out what you need and how much you should borrow.

At OzBroker, we spend time getting to know what’s special about your situation and what you want to do. We find the best loan and the right amount of money for you. This way, you can reach your dreams without putting yourself in a tricky money spot.

Fixed Rate Mortgage: With this type of home loan, you choose an interest rate that stays the same for a certain time, like two, three, or five years. Your monthly payments will be the same during this time, no matter if the interest rates in the market go higher or lower. This gives you peace of mind because you always know what you’ll pay each month.

Benefits of Fixed Rate Mortgage: The best thing about this loan is that it’s stable. Your monthly payments are set, so you don’t have to be concerned if interest rates go up or down.

Variable Rate Mortgage: This home loan is different because your monthly payments can change. They go up if interest rates go up and down if interest rates go down. So, your payments can be different each month, depending on what’s happening with interest rates.

Benefits of Variable Rate Mortgage: The good thing about this loan is that it’s flexible. If you want, you can pay extra without having to pay a fine, and you might also have access to special options like offset accounts. It gives you more choices in how you manage your loan.

In Australia, there are loads of home loans to choose from, offered by around 40 different lenders. Each loan has its own good and bad points, and some might be a better fit for you than others. To find the perfect one for your special needs, you need to look at all the products.

That’s what the folks at OzBroker are here for! They look at everything the banks and lenders have to offer, and they help find the perfect loan for you.

Once they’ve picked the best loan, they’ll sit down with you and chat about your choices. They’ll answer anything you want to know before you go ahead and apply for the loan. You can trust them to find the best loan for you.

How long it takes to complete a mortgage application can vary. It depends on things like how complicated the application is and who’s lending the money. If your application is simple and the lender answers quickly, it can be done fast. But if it’s more difficult or the lender is slow, it might take longer.

When you’re buying a property, it’s normal for us to get the money approved in 14 days or 2 weeks. Sometimes it’s even quicker if you need the money right away.

We’ll let you know how long we think it’ll take when we send the application to the people who lend the money, and we’ll update you all the time. Most of the time, the whole process is done within a month, but often it’s even faster than that.

 We’ll handle everything for your home loan request, making it easy and worry-free.

It begins with a chat with one of our agents. They’ll meet with you to learn about your life, your dreams, and your money situation.
Using what we learn, we team up with our own credit experts and use top-notch tools to find the best home loan for you.

Our credit experts will look at your request very closely to make sure everything is right, so you have the greatest chance to get your loan.

As your request moves forward, we’ll be with you at each part of the way. We’ll keep you in the loop about how things are going and fix any problems fast if they come up.

Want to see how simple it can be? Look at our Google reviews. We have reviews with an average of 5 stars, showing just how straightforward getting a home loan with us is. Get in touch with us now to learn more.

Ready to take control of your financial future? Book a call to get your FREE assessment today!

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