Things to Check When Buying a House

A house inspection is a low-cost way to learn about a home’s overall condition. A home inspection is necessary to avoid making an expensive mistake by purchasing a property that requires extensive repairs. Here are 5 things that you need to check before buying a property: 

1. HVAC duct

Get someone to check your AC HVAC ducts or get a flashlight in there. Sometimes, a lot of air conditioning companies replace systems and they’re not doing load calculations and they end up just throwing something in there and they may have installed it correctly and it may function correctly but it may bring mold. This will be a big problem. A lot of people get sick because their air conditioning systems have mold inside the ducting. Check and have your HVAC duct cleaned.

2. Leaks and drainage

It’s good to look at a house anytime but it’s better to check a house when it’s raining. You can check if there’s a roof leak. This doesn’t apply if you’re in the desert but anywhere else you may want to see a property on a rainy day to see where the water flows, if it doesn’t flow correctly it can be very expensive to get it to flow correctly.

3. Flood zones

You’ve got to be aware of flood zones in  the area where you are buying your property. Knowing how susceptible your home is to flooding is crucial since it could result in increased insurance rates, assessments, and more unexpected repairs if a storm hits.

4. Sinkholes

It will be a major issue if you buy a house without knowing there is a sinkhole problem. Knowing the early warning signs of sinkholes on your property can save you a lot of money. The sooner you detect possible foundation issues, the easier it will be to correct them. Sinkholes may appear to emerge out of nowhere, but the bulk of them develop over time. 

5. Sales history 

It’s not just about how much the previous person bought it for, when they bought it and all that kind of stuff but also it is important to know about the background of the house. A home’s sale history might reveal a lot about its past. When you know the sale history of a house, you can make an informed judgment about whether to make an offer or walk away.

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