Borrowing Power Calculator

Loan Amount Estimator - How Much Can You Borrow?

This tool from OzBroker calculates how much you might be able to borrow, considering your earnings, obligations, and the details of your loan. You can use it alongside our payment estimation tool to figure out what your payments might be for the amount you’re thinking of borrowing.

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Figuring Out Your Borrowing Limits

Curious to know how much you might qualify to borrow for a home loan? Our loan amount estimator provides a preliminary idea of the amount OzBroker might be willing to lend to you.

Using this tool before talking to a mortgage advisor is beneficial; it allows you to see how varying interest rates and loan durations impact how much you can borrow, the overall interest you would pay, and your prospective monthly payments.

By inputting the mortgage duration, your income (and any additional income if you’re buying with someone else), your outgoings, and any dependents you have, this tool calculates your potential borrowing amount, considering your income and other financial responsibilities.

Please ensure you input practical numbers to receive a more precise understanding of what you can realistically borrow without financial strain. You don’t want to find yourself overburdened or having difficulties with your payments. For assessing various payment rates, combine this tool with our home loan payment estimator.

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