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What will be the cost of my stamp duty?

This amount hinges on your location and whether you qualify for any first home buyer reductions in stamp duty. Since stamp duty is levied by the state government, it differs from one state to another. It’s typically calculated based on the amount paid for your home or land. First home buyers often have the benefit of paying lesser stamp duty compared to those upgrading or investing. Moreover, it can be combined with the first home buyer grant.

Utilize our user-friendly stamp duty calculator to find out the expense of stamp duty when buying a house in your state/territory.

When using the calculator, choose the state where you are purchasing. The rules surrounding First Home Owner Grants and stamp duty differ by state, so we have included links to each state and territory’s regulatory body for additional information. If you are in NSW, be informed that the NSW Government is contemplating alterations to Stamp Duty. Click here to understand these modifications and their potential impact on you.

Considering stamp duty can significantly increase the cost of buying a property, it’s crucial to incorporate it in your savings and mortgage repayments plans. To ensure the accuracy of all figures and make well-informed decisions, it’s recommended to consult with the home loans specialists at OzBroker.

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