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Understanding Fast Refinance with OzBroker

What’s Fast Refinance All About?

Fast refinance is a straightforward method allowing loan borrowers to shift their loan to a new lender in a quick manner, without giving the current bank an opportunity to hinder the process. It ensures that your old bank has minimal involvement. Once your loan gets approval and the loan offer gets signed and returned, the refinancing is concluded in just a few days.

How Much Time Does Fast Refinance Consume?

The time required for a fast refinance largely relies on your document preparedness and the complexity of your situation. Usually, it spans up to three weeks, which is notably faster compared to other refinance loans that may take a month or more.

Why Should You Opt for Fast Refinance?

Choosing a fast refinance with your new lender allows for a quick, simple, and managed transition. Not only are there often no fees involved, but it also allows you to settle quickly, save on interest, and avoid complex paperwork since the new bank coordinates with your current bank to set up your new loan.

Eligibility for Fast Refinance

Not every borrower might be eligible for fast refinance. Some prerequisites include:

  • No borrowing for properties on Old System Title or Company Title.
  • Your current loan should be either variable rate, fixed rate, or line of credit, each with particular restrictions.
  • The property, which is security for the loan, must not have restrictions like caveats.
  • No existing debts should be linked to your loan.

Securing the Best Refinance Interest Rates

It’s imperative to hunt for a lender offering the lowest interest rates when you’re looking at a fast refinance loan product. At OzBroker, our mortgage brokers have the freshest data available to guide you towards a lender that could save you a substantial amount over your loan duration.

What Do You Need to Provide?

While each lender might have specific documentation requirements, most will usually ask for:

  • Three months of bank statements, with the most recent being under 60 days old.
  • A detailed figure of your existing loan amount.
  • Completed loan documentation with updated loan figures.

Any Costs Involved?

Some banks might charge fees due to the fast approval nature of this product. Others might impose an application fee, a discharge fee, or a settlement fee, but certain major banks do not charge any!

When Your Lender Doesn’t Offer Fast Refinance

If your lender isn’t providing this option, it could be due to specific circumstances related to your property title or type of loan. Nonetheless, you can facilitate speeding up the general refinancing process by being prepared with all necessary documents and communicating effectively with your old lender.

Refinancing to an Interest-In-Advance Loan

Fast refinancing can also facilitate property investors looking to harness tax deductions within the fiscal year, by enabling them to refinance to a fixed-rate interest in advance home loan before the 30 June deadline.

Can You Fast Refinance with a Low-Doc Loan?

Absolutely! Especially beneficial for self-employed individuals who might have a hard time proving their income, a low-doc refinance loan can let you borrow up to 80% of the property value with various bank requirements.

Handy Tips for Refinancing

If you’re contemplating home refinancing, it’s wise to consider any applicable fees, ensure your documents are prepared, and have a clear understanding of what you desire to achieve with a fast refinance loan.

Begin Your Home Loan Refinancing Journey Now!

Secure a superb home loan with market-beating rates with a fast refi loan today! Save a considerable amount in interest by transitioning to a lender offering a more competitive loan package. Reach OzBroker at 0426667696 or inquire online to kickstart your fast refinance home loan journey today!


  1. Can I switch lenders without a hassle using fast refinance?
    Yes, fast refinance is designed to make switching lenders smoother and quicker.
  2. How do I ensure my fast refinance gets approved swiftly?
    Make sure all your documents are ready and appropriately filled to avoid any delays.
  3. Is fast refinance a viable option for self-employed individuals?
    Absolutely, especially considering the availability of low-doc refinance loans.
  4. What should I prioritize when looking to refinance?
    It’s vital to focus on securing the lowest possible interest rate to save money in the long run.
  5. Are there ways to still facilitate refinancing if my lender doesn’t offer a fast option?
    Yes, ensuring all your documents are prepared and communicating your urgency to the new lender can help speed things up.

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