11 Budgeting Tips

One of the most common financial mistakes people make with their money is that they’re not intentional; they live month to month, buying whatever they want and going without a plan. A budget will help you stay on track. Budgeting enables you to spend without guilt, provides you a plan, and offers you transparency into what’s going on with your money, so let’s get started with these 11 basic tips:

      1. You want to create a zero based budget

Before the month begins look at the next coming month and figure out okay “How much money am I gonna make coming up.” If your  income is consistent, obviously this is really easy but if not, it might be a little bit tougher. But the trick is you just kind of figure out on average what you’re gonna make.

      2. Make a list of your expenses.

So we’re talking about food, shelter, utilities, and transportation, and then you’ll list all of your other monthly costs, such as debt insurance, entertainment, and clothing. Anything underneath it.

      3. Budget together

This is significant for married couples, as well as siblings and friends living together. You could wish to budget collaboratively so you eliminate money fights. When you talk about money, you talk about more than just money you really do you talk about your life you talk about your dreams you talk about what’s coming up in your calendar. You form a harmony just doing a budget together every month.

      4. Budget every single month

Because every month is different, you can’t just prepare a budget and say, “Here’s my budget for the entire year.” Birthdays, unexpected travels, anniversaries, and other special occasions will all need to be included into your budget. You can wish to compare which month was the most efficient; this makes budgeting more exciting

      5. Create an emergency fund

An emergency fund, 50–100 dollars a month, doesn’t matter, is a fund set aside to cover financial unforeseen circumstances. For example, if your car breaks down or your pet becomes ill, your emergency fund can cover these costs.

       6. Cut unnecessary things to pay off your debt 

Don’t be scared to cut back on your spending. Budgeting enables you to see where you spend your money and reinforces discipline in you. So see if there’s anything you can trim from your budget, like clothing purchasing for the month or skipping dinner with pals for a bit. You don’t have to cut your budget for the rest of your lives, you do this temporarily. Remember that the goal of a budget is to provide you financial independence, not to limit your freedom.

       7. Make a schedule on your payments

Knowing when payments are due will be useful, especially if you have auto drafts set up and money is taken from your bank account to pay the bills. You will know exactly when the money is going to be out and this is going to be helpful.

      8. Track your progress

Set goals and celebrate small wins, even if they are as simple as saving AUD 100 this month, AUD 200 next month, and AUD 300 the following month. Anything like that, set goals and celebrate those small wins.

      9. Cut your credit cards use

It’s stunning how much money you spend on a credit card, when you carry over your balance and you’re paying interest, if you’re missing payments and it’s late fees that’s how much money you spend on extra. 

      10. Pay cash 

This may appear to be old-school, but it is quite beneficial since it keeps you accountable. It actually helps you figure out how much is in there, especially if you’re just getting started with budgeting. It will help you in this process since you will be able to see where the money has gone.

       11. Quit the comparisons

This will help you keep your budget goals intact because it is easy to look at what everyone else has and when you do that you tend to overspend and bust the budget so put the blinders on. Stick to your budget and your goals. It can get frustrating but stick with it. Those first few months are the hardest. It’s gonna be hard but push through because once you get in the rhythm of it, it becomes more and more natural. You’ll start winning with your money and you start getting out of debt. 


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