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Embark on Your NDIS Property Investment Venture

At OzBroker, we recognise the unique allure of NDIS property investment.

These specialised dwellings not only promise a rewarding financial outlook but also allow investors to make a significant social impact.

Why NDIS Properties Are Garnering Attention

High Demand: The NDIS scheme has significantly increased the need for specialised housing.

Stable Returns: Recurring government subsidies and payments to participants underpin revenues.

Social Impact: Make a meaningful difference.

Uncover Your NDIS Property Journey

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Bespoke Financial Solutions with OzBroker

NDIS property investment is a distinct venture, demanding a tailored financial strategy. Given its specific lease and usage terms, finding lenders for NDIS property purchases can be challenging. However, OzBroker facilitates your journey through:

Tailored Loan Solutions

Explore loan options designed to match the financial outline of NDIS property investment, be it through an SMSF or personal investment channels.

Expert Guidance

Consult with our knowledgeable mortgage brokers versed in both SMSF and general property investment within the NDIS sector.

Simplified Loan Process

Traverse a streamlined loan approval pathway, set to propel your investment forward with ease.

Your Extended Team of NDIS Project Experts

Our team has strong partner relationships with seasoned buyer’s agents and savvy property strategists dedicated to guiding you through the NDIS property investment journey.

From meticulous location research to robust revenue modelling, exploring favourable loan options and expert property management, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Elevate Your SMSF Portfolio

Fun fact: Over 2 million people have more than $200,000 in their super accounts. But guess what? Only a tiny 4.90% of SMSFs have put their money into houses.

We provide tailored SMSF loan options that seamlessly integrate with your investment strategy, ensuring a smooth financial experience.

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